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Please contact directly to Mr. Ret as below:
E-mail address:  
Overseas Call: +855 979 330 300 Metfone
+855 12 70 39 14 Cell Card
Local Call:   097 93 30 300 Metfone
  012 70 39 14 Cell Card
Facebook ID: Ret Phlong  
WeChat ID: phlongret  
My address: Chreav Village, Chreav Commune, Siem Reap Town.  
Don't hesitate to contact us any time for more information about your travel at Cambodia!

Dear customer! Please notice that, my E-mail address ( had been hacked in December 2012, now we are not using this E-mail address any more.

Your Data has been send to our Email.
It also Send feadback to your email, so please check your email to see what you sended us.

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