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Ta Prohm Temple

Date: The middle of the 12th century, the first of the 13th century. 
King: Jayavarman VII. 
Religion: Buddhism (Dedicated to the Royal Mother of King). 
Art Style: Bayon. 

A Buddhist temple built by King Jayavarman VII in the middle of the 12th to the early 13th century, Ta Phrom is well worth an extended exploration of its dark corridors and open plazas. Flocks of noisy parrots flit from tree to tree adding to the jungle atmosphere. Ta Prohm is only rivaled by Beng Melea in terms of recreating the experience of the early explorers who are discovered Angkor. Its structure is being steadily subsumed by trees, making it very photogenic. Ta Prohm is in better condition than Beng Melea, has superior carvings and is far easier to visit. In its prime, Ta Prohm boasted a fabulous wealth of precious stones and gold and controlled the activities of 1000 of villages. It was built to dedicate to his mother.

After we have finished visiting at Ta Keo, so we continue to see Ta Prohm. It is the Buddhist monastery, that the king or people had adored hear. When was it built and which reign? It was built at the end of 12th century (1186) in the reign of the king Jayavaraman VII, for dedicating to his Royal Mother Prajnaparamita (That statue was placed in the central tower). Them we can see many holes which were set by gems and gold leaves, etc.

The second level, they place the statues of Buddha more than 200. Most of the tourists would like to go there; in order to take photo of the trees lived on the temple.

The west gate of Ta Promh, we can see the carvings of Garuda in the same style of Prah Khan, Banteay Kdey. Is there any monkey now? No, there isn’t. Because Vietnamese killed by guns to eat. What kind of this tree? It is a gum-tree. How old is it? It is about 600 years old.

This is the inside place of the first gallery and it is the second Buddhist Monastery. It means, the people in that time like making the cremation outside of the temple, but they took the ashes to enshrine here.

This is the second gallery, of Buddha. It means, there are 200 statues of Buddha in Ta Prohm. In that time there were 18 chief monks and more than 200 simple monks around here. Anyways, there were more than 2000 congregation and 600 dancing girls.

This is the central tower which was placed in by the statue of Prajnaparamita. As you see, many carvings of Buddha were destroyed, except the carving of Apsara.

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