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Kbal Spean

Date: The 11th - 13th century. 
Religion: Hindu/Buddhist. 
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Kbal Spean literally means "the head of the river." This is one of the two rivers of a thousand lingas, made up of unique lingas and linga stands chiseled into the riverbed of the Siem Reap River. It was believed that the lingas spiritually "fertilized" the water that fed the eastern Baray and irrigated the rice fields below. Another river of a thousand lingas is at Phnom Kulen. Kbal Spean is commonly known as the Valley of a 1000 lingas and is set deep in the jungle 15km from Banteay Srey. 

You will walk 50mn, to take you to the river and waterfall where innumerable stone phalluses are carved on the riverbed. These were fertility symbols designed to bless the waters. This Hindu pilgrimage site predates the Angkor temples by some 200 years, making it the most ancient site in the region. Kbal Spean is well maintained and the way marked trail is easy to follow. Though the path is steep, with steps in some places, the waterfall near the top is a nice place to relax and cool down. There is abundant wild-life, particularly butter-flies, to enhance the visit. The rainy season is the best time to see Kbal Spean when the river is full and flowing freely.  

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